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  1. Flexibility
    Get unlimited access to CostWeb services, construction cost information tools, building cost models, analysis tools and research reports.
  2. Trade Rates and Building Cost Models
    At the heart of CostWeb are numerous useful building cost models based on real projects and real costs. CostWeb is linked to the industry so that changes in trade costs automatically update the building models, and indices. You can see the impact of trade rate changes on different building types, and make useful comparisons across sectors and regions. 
  3. .Create a Report or Export to Excel
    cost models can be formatted ready for adding to your feasibility studies or other reports. Alternatively you can export computer generated cost summaries to Excel. All of the detail is preserved in linked spreadsheets with formulae intact. CostWeb also creates intuitive graphs and tables for your specific needs
  4. Industry Experts
    CostWeb is developed and maintained by construction cost professionals who constantly monitor content and rates to ensure we are providing you with a valuable guide to likely construction costs.
  5. Relevant Commentary and Analysis
    CostWeb includes interesting commentary written by our property economists which helps you keep abreast of important construction cost trends, economic trends and social trends which have an impact on building and the property market.

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