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Building Cost Summaries

With CostWeb you can choose from a comprehensive range of building types selected as typical for the industry. The building types are based on actual projects worked on by our quantity surveyors at Turner & Townsend. Select the date, location, Gross Floor Area and other variables and CostWeb will give you a building cost summary, even several years into the future. Building cost summaries display the costs of the individual elements giving you far more information than simple rates per square metre of Gross Floor Area.

Field Analyses

CostWeb monitors and tracks building sectors, cost elements and trade rates so you can confidently understand the likely impact on your own projects.

Each analysis report is available in a variety of formats including customisable on-screen tables and graphs, and downloadable Excel spreadsheets. The analyses currently available include:

        Building Price Indices

Calculated for various building types using our extensive database of cost information.

        Building Trade Rates

View  trade rates for a comprehensive selection of trades.

        Elemental Unit Rates and Indices

View and graph movements in elemental rates and see what the industry is forecasting in the future.

       Sector Movements and Regional Comparison.

Understand what is happening to costs in the various building sectors, and compare costs in different regions.

       Elemental GFA Rates

See what is happening to Gross Floor Area rates over time so you can make quick estimates of building costs.

        Trade Comparisons

Not all trade prices increase at the same rate. Analyse and predict the price changes of the trades in your projects.


Commentary Reports

Download detailed commentary on construction costs and market trends.