Is CostWeb an online version of the Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook (produced by Rawlhouse Publishing)?

No.  The Australian Construction Handbook is produced by Rawlhouse Publishing, a completely separate entity to Turner & Townsend Pty Ltd. CostWeb is not designed to be an online version of the Australian Construction Handbook.  CostWeb was set up to fill a need in the market for up to date, high level market intelligence on construction cost trends, trade movements and cost forecasting that detailed cost guides do not deliver.

CostWeb is targeted at anyone who has a need for historic, current or future construction costs and industry trends. It is ideal for the feasibility stage of a project, and for benchmarking and analysis to establish whether your projects represent value for money in the current market. Unlike printed media, CostWeb delivers information instantly online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I download CostWeb data to my PC?

Yes. All CostWeb reports, including building cost summaries and analyses, may be downloaded to your PC in Excel spreadsheet format so that you can completely edit and integrate CostWeb information into your own projects and reports. Simply click on the "export" button and CostWeb will prepare your information for export.

.Are there any system requirements?

Costweb is compatible with modern browsers.


Where does CostWeb data come from?

The CostWeb engine is maintained by our dedicated team of property economists and quantity surveyors, from around Australia. All year round, trade data is collected. monitored, and updated from our extensive network of contacts within the construction industry. We use economic analysis and informed opinion to model rate movements and make predictions  of future trade rates and hence overall building costs. For a more detailed description of how we predict building costs look in the download area within the subscribers section.

I forgot my password!

You may reset your password in one easy step.

Where does my contact information go?

Your contact information supplied when you register with CostWeb is kept confidential. Please see our privacy policy for details.

What happens if I have a problem with my CostWeb service?

Simply contact us at Turner and Townsend and we will try and resolve the problem. To do this use the feedback form in CostWeb with a short description of the problem and your contact details and we will quickly respond.