CostWeb is a new kind of construction cost information service. CostWeb provides up to date construction cost information for all popular building types. CostWeb is different because it uses building cost models based on real projects. These are linked to an extensive suite of trade rate data which we monitor and update regularly.

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We track trade costs for all of the key trades involved in construction, by region and date. We also project trade costs out to 2018. Users can view building costs for various building types at different times in different regions. Users can view both historic construction costs, and can generate detailed building costs up to 3 years into the future! This is an invaluable aid to contractors in benchmarking their own estimates. Developers find CostWeb perfect for their feasibility studies. Architects, quantity surveyors, financiers, valuers and insurers also use CostWeb to determine building costs.

CostWeb's construction cost information is maintained by costing professionals and covers a diverse range of building types.

See it in action!

CostWeb is provided by Turner & Townsend, a major international construction management consultancy firm. We are innovators in the property, construction and resource industries with over 50 years of experience providing construction cost advice.

CostWeb is Turner & Townsend latest innovation, developed to help you make property development decisions with confidence.

How it works

Using Turner & Townsend's national resources and partnering with leading industry contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, we have created links with the marketplace that provide the latest cost information for major construction elements in CostWeb.

Turner & Townsend have created detailed cost models based on real projects for all popular building types. By live linking these building models to the latest cost information, CostWeb instantly generates a cost model.

The results

CostWeb determines the cost sensitivity of market price movements an any individual building type. It recognises that an increase in the price of concrete (for example) has a different impact on a house than on a highrise project.

Having CostWeb allows the design of a project to flow, reducing or eliminating the time spent re-working designs back to budget..